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In 1577, St. Teresa of Avila wrote “The Interior Castle” (or The Mansions as it is known in Spain) in which she compares the soul to a castle filled with many rooms. She believed each room of one’s interior castle is an aspect or stage of the soul that one can progress into and out of.  The closer to the center of this castle one goes, the closer they become to God who dwells within the innermost chamber. This spiritual knowledge and insight can still be applied today.


By utilizing a variety of astrological techniques based on your individual needs and concerns as well as incorporating her knowledge and personal experience of the ancient Women's Ways of her Native American and Celtic heritage, Debi Fox (seacrone), is able to offer (individuals, couples, groups) in- depth consultations in person, by phone, mail, e-mail or tape. Also available for classes/gatherings.
Astrological Services Available:
*   Natal/Transits/Progressions
*   Solar/Lunar Returns
*   Natal Lunar Phase/Progressed Lunar Phase
*   Key-Life Passages/Mid-Life Aspects
*   Relationships: Synastry/Composite
*   Midpoints/Asteroids
Consultations: $50. (1/2  hr.), and $100. (1  1/2 hrs) which includes chart(s), report(s), and an in-person or phone session. Taping of session available.
Checks or Money Orders accepted. 
To arrange a reading contact Debi at (860)389-0540 or (401)315-2450 
E-mail: , or write to her at:          
       Star Crones                P.O.Box 502                Mystic, CT   06355
After nearly 20 years in the Corporate rat-race, Debi "dropped out" to be at home with her two youngest children, devoting the last 23 years of her life not only to her family and her astrological work, but also as an advocate of an individual's right to exercise control over their own mind and body by choosing alternative holistic health care and birthing options (such as home-birth), alternative education (including home-schooling), and the freedom to explore and practice their own personal, spiritual and cultural belief systems (including nature-based, matrifocal, wise women pathways) without fear of patriarchal oppression. 
Some of her work in these areas has been in the form of grassroots lobbying to raise awareness, lectures, special women's studies/interest classes and as a guest on alternative radio programs such as 'The Edge". She has been a frequent guest and co-host on June Finan's popular public access t.v. talk show 'The Psychic Holistic Spotlight', (formerly known as 'The Silver Cord')  in the Rhode Island area and also appears on 'Practical Talk Time' in Connecticut. She also, as time/energy permits does the monthly Celestial Forecast on the Morning Show at 8:40 on AM Radio 1230 WBLQ in Westerly, RI or streaming live, worldwide on

Debi, an herbalist, is also an accomplished horsewoman and musician (flute), a member of the Astrological Society of Connecticut and the Ocean State Herbal Association.  Some of her other in-depth studies have been in the areas of cross-cultural anthropology and comparative religion. 
She and her husband Gary (a psychotherapist), have been married for 31 years. They have 6 children, 6 grandchildren, and live on the lovely Connecticut shoreline. 
         Questions? Call (860)389-0540 or (401)315-2450

2013 -Time keeps on Drifting..
New studio/office at 58 High St. (downstairs, across from WBLQ) in Westerly, RI


"An ounce of Mother is worth a pound of clergy"
Old Spanish Proverb is the property of Debi Fox D.B.A. Star Crones
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